Acupuncture.  Herbal Medicine.  Acupressure.
Acupuncture.  Herbal Medicine.  Acupressure.
Melinda Acupuncture Clinic Melinda Tingan Li, L.Ac.
Melinda Acupuncture ClinicMelinda Tingan Li, L.Ac.

Service Price

  1. Consultation:   initial visit $125, follow up visit $95.  $50 for patients without insurance.


  1. Acupuncture:  initial 15 minutes: $60. Additional 15 minutes: $40


  1. Electro-acupuncture: initial 15 minutes: $70   Additional 15 minutes: $50. 
  2. *Patients without insurance have a discounted price: $75 for first visit and $70 for follow up for acupuncture or electro-acupuncture.


  1. Acupressure/Tui Na/myofascial release:  combined with acupuncture treatment only:15min: $10   20min: $15   30min: $20


  1. Heating lamp TDP: $26 for 20 minutes. (waived for cash patients )


  1. Cupping:   $30 for cupping only.  $10 for within acupuncture. 


  1. Bleeding Cupping:   $45 per point for bleeding cupping only. $5 for each additional point.

                    $15 for combined with acupuncture.

  1. Gua Sha:  $45.


  1. Moxibustion:  
  2. Ear points treatment / auricle acupuncture :  
  • Ear Seeds or magnetic metal pellets: $5 with acupuncture.  $20 for ear points treatment only.
  • Ear Needles:  same with acupuncture treatment.  


  1. Herbal medicine (not combined with acupuncture):  

Consultation and formula prescription:  First visit: $60.  Each follow up visits: $ 20.

For patients who prefer herbal tea, we provide consultations which include diagnosis, assessment, and an herbal formula prescription. We do not sell raw herbs in our clinic. Our prescription can be filled at any herbal stores.

Herbal formula combined with acupuncture, the 1st consultation $20 and follow up $5


  1. Herbal products: we have many herbal products like pills, tablets, crystals, and teas to meet patients’ needs. The price varies based on different herbal ingredients. Those products are made with pure herbs from qualified manufactories. The herbal medicines we sell in our clinic are FDA approved as safe supplements.


  1. Exercise training:   5 minutes: Free.   10 minutes:  $10


  • Discounts:  Seniors 65 and over; students: 10% off. (With valid ID)

                (Discounts not apply to acupressure and herbal medicine) 

  • $5 extra charge for cash pay plus billing required.      


Are you interested in a personal consultation?

Just give us a call at  +1 510/6517622 or send us an email.


Melinda Acupuncture    Clinic

39953 Balentine Drive
Newark, CA 94560

Tel:  510-651-7622

Fax: 866-573-7421






Mon, Wed, Thur, Friday: 9:30am--6pm

Satday: 8:30am--4pm

Sun, Tuesday closed

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